Thursday, September 11, 2008

The makin' of our fascination!

Lo, has the honor has been bestowed to come across physical evidence of how the chewy and/or crispy bacon food treasure is created. This evidence, which came from at least 10 minutes of non-painstaking searching of the global knowledge contained within "YouTube", provides some of the most sought after knowledge in the world! Yes, true believers, this is totally cereal, not a false claim, not a dream - you read it here first, second and third - this video provides some detail about how bacon is made! If blocked while trying to view this spectacle, seek out a network that allows knowledge to flow freely, in order to bask in the glory that is bacon. It is suggested of course, to have some bacon prepared and on-hand before watching the video to satisfy the bacon craving while learning about bacon... it's a win-win! Here it is now for your viewing pleasure and educational needs:

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