Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The revenge of NEB!

Hail Baconites! After the brutal slaying of NEB at the bacony hands of the nefarious "Baconman" we of course went into states of mourning and disbelief. How could one bacon cryptid kill another and why? This event alone proves the dichotomy of all beings good and evil all in one. Whilst mourning on the moors of Lake Superior one mist filled morning, a call was heard by us. A faint cry that sounded like the "wheee-wheee-wheee" of a pig with the horrid sensation that bacon was not available in all places that bacon was needed. It was then we saw it, something horrible, something sensational, something bacon. It flew through the mist, and at times we could not make out what it was. We then saw it in full view - it swooped down to us and threw what we thought was a pound of fully cooked bacon, until we saw it was the head of a Baconman. The thing just uttered "NEBbbbbb will be baaaack!" and flew off. The picture posted at right shows the closest representation to what we saw, that of a Nightgaunt from the Cthulu mythos. While we shuddered, we got hungry, so we ate the head of Baconman... it was of course delicious. While NEB is gone, at least for now, we know that all Baconmen will be hunted and hopefully their heads will be delivered for us to feast upon and look to the skies for the return of NEB!

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