Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where the f**k is Snook, TX?!?

Hail Baconites and set your sites to the bacon beacon! I see we here at the nation have been on hiatus again, and in this economy, can you blame us? We have to spend every waking moment searching for bacon and every dreaming moment, dreaming when we can have bacon again! Hopefully, some of you are still out there to read this, if not, I understand, there's bacon to be eaten!

I just recently read something off of the cold bacon press, providing "top 5" list for bacon. While Onboards Informatics' list some heavy hitters, it had one failure, I wouldn't call it an epic failure, with bacon, there is never an epic failure, of course unless the bacon is not cooked up and eaten, but 'tis a failure to be sure mateys! Of all the cities listed, there was not an entry for Snook, TX! I know - what the hell is this world coming to, when you talk about bacon and not mention Snook! What the town may lack for in size, population @568, the little restaurant, known as "Sodolak's Original Country Inn" or simply "Steak House", packs quite the lunch punch.

I can see some of your faces now, adjusting in your chair and wiping bacon grease off your face. I can't tell if that look is disbelief, confusion or nirvana brought on by bacon, so I'll just clear this up for yas. Snook is a birthing place of the ever famous, country-fried f'ing bacon! I first wrote it about it here, and let me tell you something sonny-Jim, it's so popular, other restaurateurs, have started copying the receipe! So while the OI had an impressive list, I have at least one more entry for it.

For all the birthdays we have missed, I wish to apologize and say "Happy Belated Bacon Birthday!"