Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crytpid-ish Creation!

Hark True-Baconers! There has been a discovery that the world may know about, but may not... but will... NOW! A discovery has been degreased way back in 2006 concerning a unknown type of dish that sounds like an "In Search Of..." episode. A food creation, before coming into being, must have surely caused some eyebrows to be raised and sanity questioned before being revealed into the world.

In Snook, Texas, a local steak house had discovered a creation that had the local clientele frothing for more. What could this possibly be? Bigfoot bacon? - No! Bacon flavored Loch Ness Monster flippers? - No! Chupacabra bacon rinds? - No! All of these sound good, but it... it was... Chicken Fried Bacon Strips! Unlike the existence of Bigfoot and other cryptids, the existence of this wonder food delight has been beyond a shadow of a doubt - proven, and more importantly... confirmed to be delicious! Cast your eyes upon this tale told by the Texas Country Reporter about this bacon enthusiast, Frank Sodolak and his amazing and addictive creation!

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ike9 said...

it's good ( we're you really surprised?)... it just need more salt!