Friday, August 15, 2008

this sandwich is the shizzzzzzzzzzzzznit

This sandwich is the only thing known by man kind to induce instantaneous Ecstasy. The only draw back to this sandwich is how good it is, it is so good that it will cause hallucinations periodically. You know those dudes from San Fransisco who lived through the sixties, well you will get flash backs from this very very Delicious sandwich, you never know when it will strike but it will bring you back to this delicious sandwich.

This sandwich consists of two pieces of bread and 22 slices of bacon. Pure awesomeness!

If you haven't tried this sandwich yet you really are missing out. If you're worried about the flash backs well don't be such a wuss. I know you like bacon so this is a must have...but if you have heart problems, well, what are you waiting for you really don't have to long to live so you might as well enjoy the fruits of life while you're still around...

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