Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bacon flavored Coke!

Wow, now this is a product I might consider buying. Normally I don't drink any beverage unless it is mixed with whiskey, but I would consider trying this sans whiskey. After that experience I would mix this with some whiskey and drink until I went blind. What could be better than bacon and whiskey? I think nothing.

Here is the news article from some useless website that I will not cite:
The Coca-Cola Company has released several flavor extensions of its signature brands—from cherry Coke to Diet Coke with Lime—in markets around the world. This year many New Zealanders have been enjoying Coca-Cola with Raspberry and Diet Coke with Raspberry.

The Coca-Cola company is now testing it’s latest extension to the brand—Diet Coke with Bacon in test markets across the world including the UK, China, Australia and Africa. Starting April 21, Americans in Los Angeles will be able to be the first to try Coca-Cola with Bacon and Diet Coke with Bacon.

The Coca-Cola team did not have to look far for inspiration. They observed behavior at self-serve soda fountains, where consumers can make the choice themselves.

The Company tested a range of new flavors with Coca-Cola, yet bacon was the clear favorite.

New Zealand was the second market to launch flavored versions of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke simultaneously. Mexico launched Coca-Cola Citra and Diet Coke Citra earlier this year. The Coca-Cola company is now looking for the perfect spot to launch the New Diet Coke with Bacon extension. Los Angeles is the next target.

The new extension joins vanilla in both brand families and will replace Diet Coke with Lime.

The taste tests will couple themselves with young, refreshing music groups in a hope to appeal to a young, more adventurous consumer.

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Dan said...

It will give you a heart attack, yet keep your big ol gut in check.