Friday, August 15, 2008

Emerging business opportunity, the Bacon Bank.

Alright so who of you have had the trouble of finding a place to store your bacon? This question has boggled and plagued the greatest minds of our generation. Well we have thought of the greatest conclusion for such an occasion. The BACON BANK is our modern day answer to currency and culinary problems. If you have the option you will most certainly bring your bacon to such a location, where they will hold your powerful, yet, delicious bacon while you're away at some off shore meeting with other bacon aficionados. Soon these puppies will start to spring up all across the nation harboring peoples precious bacon.

The bacon bank would consist of temperature controlled vaults to ensure optimal bacon freshness. Additionally, we would only hire vegetarian Jews to ensure that no one would be tempted to eat or steal our precious reserves, plus Jews are good with money.

Some marketing ideas we have are when you open up an account at a BACON BANK you would be offered three separate offers: one option is a wallet that can cook your bacon while in your pocket (good for business men and people in the circus), the second offer is twenty dollars off bacon, and the third-so our reports say- is a mystery box. what's in the box is a mystery but i know it will be something awesomely baconish.

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