Monday, November 17, 2008

Jews to accept bacon?

Word on the street is that Jews are finally going to accept bacon into their diet. Israel is thinking of changing their country flag to the above picture to announce to the world that they have a place for bacon. After speak to one very Jewish person, he informed me that "I know bacon is delicious, it looks delicious, it smells delicious. Praise Allah that I can finally eat bacon without committing a sin". This comes as big news and might even ease tensions with Israel’s neighboring countries. Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is reportedly going to have a piece offering of bacon with Palestine’s Prime Minister next week. Way to go Israel! Welcome to the bacon community!


Pork_BUTT said...

Umm, Jewish faiths believe in YHWH, and not Allah as God. If you are looking to incite a Jihad or Fatwah against yourself or bacon, you're on the right path, smarty pants... So, if YHWH says "Bacon is a go", then it's a go, if Allah says "Bacon is a go", Muslims might look at hima little oddly....
Think of YHWH as the Great Hog in the Sky, and Bacon as Jesus, and then Allah as a slightly newer version of that bacon, but better in the eyes of some. Some might say salt pork enters that somewhere, but as not to offend, I'm equating faiths with bacon, kind of what bacon is really, the universal truth.

Make sense now?

TowelHead McGee said...

I agree with Pork_BUTT. Allah is teh kewlest.