Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bacon Lampshade

The lighting in my house sucks! All my light bulbs are those stupid fluorescent ones that take forever to light up. When they finally do, everything has this bright blue tone to it. My house looks like the shopping aisles at K-Mart.

Sure, I know what you will say, just go buy a new lampshade that is darker and will filter out the color. Well you've got some nerve mister! You cant go around telling people what to do, that is how Hitler got started. You are clearly as bad as a person as Hitler... well, not Bacon Hitler, he is awesome!

No, instead I think I will invest my time and effort to create a bacon lampshade! Man, that will be so cool. My house will have white, orange, and brown stripes all over it! Plus, if the light stays on for a while and heats up the bacon, I can eat it or let the smell permeate my house.

Lampshade Directions


Anonymous said...

Is that light bacon?

Anonymous said...

Light bacon is Sizzlean and that crap sucks.