Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't pick at it... even though it may be delicious!

True-Baconers you may or may not know this, but bacon can be used to heal! That's right, bacon has healing powers! However, while the totality of the bacon powers have not been revealed yet, the healing factor, to date, has been limited to bandages. As you can see next to this article and also here, these bandages, are quite tempting. Note also include these look like eggs; which is of course is a distraction to keep you from eating the bacon bandages. Although these are synthetic bacon strips, it is believed that these bacon bandages are still imbued with the healing power of bacon! You just need to resist the temptation to pick at the bacon-aid while it heals you. It has been said that you can increase the healing power of bacon, by cooking up some real bacon - see the previous post on how to cook it - and while you are eating - you are healing! Amazing... simply amazing.

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