Monday, February 2, 2009

N.E.B. Sighting!

Hail Baconites! Flash! N.E.B. (Never Ending Bacon) has been spotted over a field in Montana back around 1977! The picture looks like a UFO, however our discerning scientists here at the nation has discerned that the object is actually a camouflaged flying pig that we have dubbed N.E.B.! A N.E.B. paradigm dons our blog here doing what N.E.B. does as well, flies around and releases a never ending bounty of bacon! The government has tried to locate N.E.B. but cannot at this point, as it continually bobs as it flies, staying underneath most radar systems. Occasionally it lands to eat slops it finds or slops left out. Why leave out slops? According to legend, if you're really good and leave out slops - N.E.B. may visit, eat the slops, grunt and drop off a pound or two of cooked bacon! Now sightings of N.E.B. have been rare, as most people are eating the bacon dropped when N.E.B. flies by and their hands are too greasy to hold a camera steady, but stay tuned true Baconites, right here at, for more updates and out of focus pictures of N.E.B.!

1 comment:

Pyzahn said...

Greetings from the flatlands. I'm working my way through blogger visiting everyone who put bacon as an "interest" in their profile.

Never knew there were so many breakfast meat lovers in the world. Which means you have a great little niche here.

Stay true to the path of fatty pork strips.