Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Enemy of N.E.B. discovered!

Flash Baconites! While looking to the skies for a chance to spot N.E.B. (Never Ending Bacon) and may hap catch a pound of cooked bacon to go with some beer, we just happened to catch a glimpse of N.E.B. but it was hauling bacon ass bobbing and weaving and we could not understand why that was and why we weren't getting bacon, until we saw what was causing the commotion and why my stomach stopped screaming for bacon; at least for 10 seconds - horrible in itself. What we saw chasing poor little N.E.B. was horrifying, terrifying and funny all at once. First heard about by Comedy Central's South Park first broke the news about another cryptid, that being of course known as "ManBearPig." We witnessed ManBearPig trying to chase after N.E.B. and probably cause harm or at least insult N.E.B. Why, we have no idea at this point, but perhaps it was because a part of ManBearPig, maybe 1/3 of it considers N.E.B. a traitor to the ilk of "Mega-Sus Scrofa" by freely distributing the food treasure of bacon, or maybe because N.E.B. is cute and ManBearPig makes you almost want to vomit your bacon. So beware Baconites, while searching for N.E.B. and maybe some free bacon, be on the lookout for ManBearPig - that foo is a crazy-ass! More information to follow as it develops - right here at!

Original photo credit posted on the photo - now I can has bacon?

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