Friday, January 30, 2009

100th Baconation Post!

Hail Baconites! This is our 100th official post, even though it the counter for 2008 marks us at 99 - this is our 100th post! We apologize for the delay in posting, however, we have been scavenging the 'Net for already published stories on bacon that we can add commentary to and relink for your enjoyment! As this is our 100th official post, we thought we would add a few stories here for your bacon drenched enjoyment. My suggestion is first that you cook up some of your favorite bacon, crack your favorite beverage and prepare to read or re-read about the following!

The Bacon Explosion! - Hell yeah! As I started writing this post, a few friends contacted me about the latest, greatest, bacon amalgam - "The Bacon Explosion". If you have not read or tried the concoction yourself - well then git yer ass over to the NY Times son! Here, I helps yas: Bacon Explosion

Bacon wrapped breasts... chicken breasts that is. Okay - this is for the Baconites who believe in a more holistic approach to eating bacon - wrapping it with chicken. I know, crazy, but we have to embrace in Bacon diversity if we are to fully appreciate our bacon nations. ABC News broke the news on this sweet ass dish - which is also being touted as a Super Bowl dish: Bacon-wrapped chicken breasts.

Bacon shopping extravaganza! I was snooping around, looking for something that would entertain you while you were enjoying bacon and check this sweet-ass site out Baconites:

Novelty items for all to enjoy and they all feature bacon! Does it get better than that? Some may say, finding the perfect mate, finding Jesus or jebus, becoming rich and successful, buying the dream house and getting a 65" LCD TV might be better goals in life - but Baconites - we're talking bacon novelty items heah! And I apologize for offending anyone, as there are sushi items on that page as well. My bad.

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glad to see you guys back! I missed my daily dose of bacon news.