Sunday, December 14, 2008

Drunken fiend damands bacon!

Artists are a funny breed. Take this young buck for instance. Clearly dedicated to his art yet we still see sings of his bullishit existentialism. From this picture alone we can determine he has not fully committed to the art. What the fuck is he doing with that guitar? Any asshole can BaconWave some ham, but to achieve true art, one needs to fry that shit! You can't expect to become an artisan of ham while masturbating your day away with frivolous pursuits like music or curing aids or some other egregious frivolity. One needs to fully commit oneself to the cause. Monet didn't paint while fucking around with Nintendo at the same time. This "gentleman" has a lot to learn about art and even more about bacon.


Tommy said...

I like that the name of this pic is "Tgay_supergay.jpg"

Thats_So_Bacon said...

Pretty close resemblance: PIC!

Anonymous said...

I find the defendant guilty on the charge of Bacon Mollestation and two counts of impersonating a heterosexual while handling Bacon. His sentence is to be struck over the head with his own guitar and then cracked across the face with the same still hot frying pan.In addition, NO CONTACT with Bacon for a period of no less than 5 years.
Judge Roy Bacon