Thursday, December 4, 2008

I wanna wowwipop... with bacon!

I can hear what you are reading out there... you read the title and wondered if there could be a lolly with bacon in it and your name on it! Well, Baconites, I am not sure you're name will be on it, however we have uncovered a boon sent by the lords of candy! "Nonsense!" You say?!? "Shenanigans!" you call?!? Well, I call your nonsense... and your shenanigans, and raise them to reality!

The good people at Lollyphile, who are also the creators of the Absinthe Lollipops have produced a marvel in Maple-Bacon Lollipops! Yes! They are a reality... and truly can be yours! It can be argued that snacking during the day can either help or hurt you in you're quest to gain the body you've always wanted. So while you read and search about the best ways to achieve your goal, you can actually burn and take in calories, by popping one of these beauties into mouth and suck your way to good health! Now it could be argued that taking in pure Vermont maple syrup and bacon can be bad for you, however, think of this... your body is working hard just to take it in! If nothing else, your body won't gain or lose weight, plus you get your bacon and sugar at the same time! Genius! Now Baconites, sally forth and go suck it!

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David Bradley said...

Just hope you're not having the full Irish, re dioxins in pork