Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Go Back to School!

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MARXA said...

reading your blog makes me hungry.... I need to find some bacon.

The Baconator (Dr. Awesome) said...

I was scrolling through a list of blogs and happened to come across yours. Guess what? I'm a meat freak! Seriously, my best friend and I came up with an awesome rap called "Meat Extremes". That's us! We're everything bacon. My best friend has a tee-shirt from Hot Topic that says "Bacon" with a bacon background, a bacon wallet, and I can make the "Starry Night" out of various meats! We ARE the Meat Extremes! I very much appreciate this blog and therefore, mark "subscribe". Here's one of your first followers. By your blog, I take you are a Meat Extreme, no?

I hereby doub you a Meat Extreme if you are not. Welcome to the club! I shall link you to my friend. Good work.


Anurag Pandey said...

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