Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Converting Vegetables to Bacon!

OK you vegan freaks! Science is finally listening to your hippy cries. Some genius at the Farmsville Academy of Tomorrows Techology Institute of Education (FATTIE) created a process to turn vegetables into bacon. Good God man! What could be better than that? Other than Soilent Green brand bacon, of course!

Click the Mystery Bacon image below for a detailed diagram and photo of the vegetable converting bacon process. It will blow your stupid face off!

Who reads alt text for clues, loser.


mary said...

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belle-v said...

Brilliant - I love you!

insulated wine bags said...

There are some alternatives which they called Vegemeat. A meat like but made with vegetables.

Michael David said...

I respect vegetarians and vegans, but I can't sympathize. Beef, pork, chicken, it's all so essential, not to mention gloriously tasty. Turkey bacon and turkey burgers? pfffft. I'll just garnish my candied pork with cilantro.