Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bacon-bot my ass!

Hail Baconites! Yes, we are having somewhat of a Bacon Renaissance here at the nation. In doing some half-assed research that fuel our bacon laden minds, I came across an older blog and news article way back from '06 about NEC developing robots that could perceive taste. In a strange twist of events, it appears that a camera man taping for the video was perceived by the robot as bacon! All I can say to that is that the camera man obviously ate his pound portion of delicious bacon before filming the sequence. In regards to the robot, obviously, it is a ploy in order for us to think again of bacon, while it contacts "Sky-Net" to pass along the intelligence that humans could serve as pigs for their upcoming war against us.

I say we should take action first and kill all the robots! Wait - what if they make terminators that look like pigs... and they fire razor tipped bacon strips?!? NOoooooooo! ...Well at least I'll go out with a smile on what's left of my face, while choke-slamming Robby the Robot. All is well.

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